self-supporting tower

self-supporting tower

Self-supporting is the model state for so many things in life, from how we envision our children growing up to the sales projections when we rollout a new product or service. Self-supporting also defines one of our most popular wireless telecommunication towers

Our lattice towers are as durable as they are strong. They’re designed to carry nearly any type of microwave or wireless communication equipment loads. They can be finished to meet the most demanding visual expectations, zoning laws and corrosive climates. Lattice tower or usually called as a self support tower (SST) has stem pattern tower which is compiled and connected to form a self supporting framewithout any other subvention.SST Tower is a conventional one in a form of tower frame which is designed with the strong frame, able to hold the wind pressure and geographic condition at the area where the tower will be built. The height of lattice tower is between 30M up to 120M. It means that the SST42M is a lattice tower with the height of 42M. This tower is built on the ground. It has rectangular and triangle type by using the angle profile steels or tubes.

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